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Tyrese Gibson: Success Is In Your Mind

I didn’t know who Tyrese Gibson was before today, but I have a great deal of respect for him now. I came across a video he shared a few days ago in a wisdom-fueled rant. The video seems to be directed towards the black community, but the message applies to everyone. It’s a nice wake up call if you ever find yourself complaining or victimizing your situation.

The interesting thing about this is every successful person in my studies and observation think along the same lines as Gibson.¬†Consciously or unconsciously, the people at the top of any field have all trained their minds such that their thought processes are at a higher level than you or I. They’re operating at a different level and it reflects in their actions.

Check out the video below. Note the language is NSFW.

If you really got a problem with your life you’ll change it. You’re not tired of being broke, you’re not tired of being stuck…You’re not tired, because if you were tired, you would actually do some shit about it. Anybody who is determined to do something, who wants something to be different, will eventually be different.

It’s very simple. Change your mind and everything about your bank account, your environment, the safety of you and your kids will change.

I’m tired of everyone complaining as if they’re on the receiving end of¬†whatever this world wants to dump on them, and they don’t have a choice.

Excuses sound best to the person making them up. You have created every excuse in the world in your mind. And you figured out how to justify it in your mind, and it makes sense to you. That’s why you’re still in it. That’s why you’re out of shape, that’s why you’re still doing the same shit you’re doing. Once you justify it, you stay in it.

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